Đề cương khảo sát chất lượng môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 12 (Có đáp án)

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  1. PART I C. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete each sentence. 1. This shirt especially for me by my mother." A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made 4. Today, many serious childhood diseases by early immunization. A. are preventing B. can prevent C. prevent D. can be prevented 5. Whole-grain food products in most large supermarkets across the United States and Canada. A. now can purchase B. can now be purchased C. now to purchase D. the purchase of which 9. There’s somebody walking behind us. I think . A. we are following B. we are being followed C. we are followed D. we are being following 10. We’re late. The film by the time we get to the cinema. A. will already start B. will be already started C. will already have started D. will be starting 11. I still can not believe it. My bicycle some minutes ago. A. was stolen B. was stealing C. stolen D. stole 13. The children’s arm was swollen because he by a bee. A. stung B. had stung C. had been stung D. had being stung 15. Many U.S automobiles in Detroit, Michigan. A. manufacture B. have manufactured C. are manufactured D. are manufacturing 16. When I came, an experiment in the lab. A. was being holding B. has been held C. was being held D. has held 18. Last night a tornado swept through Rockvill. It everything in its path. A. destroyed B. was destroyed C. was being destroyed D. had been destroyed 19. Dynamite by Alfred Bernard Nobel. A. have been invented B. invented C. was invented D. was being invented 24. The university by private funds as well as by tuition income. A. is supported B. supports C. is supporting D. has supported 25. This picture by Johnny when I came. A. painted B. was painted C. was being painted D. had been painted 26. It must without delay.
  2. A. do B. have been done C. be doing D. be done 27. This exercise may with a pencil. A. be written B. be to write C. be writing D. write 30. My shirt by my sister on my last birthday. A. gave B. was given C. had been givenD. was being given 1. Tea___ to japan fron china in 1191. A. took B. is taken C. has taken D. was taken 2. The computer___ .It’s working again now. A. is repaired B. was repairing C. has been repaired D. has repaired 8. Sometimes mistakes___. It’s inevitable. A. are made B. are making C. make D. have made 9. My wallet has ___. It must ___. A. disappeared/ be stolen B. been disappear/ be stolen C. disappeared/ have stolen D. been disappearing/ stoeln 13. A lot of rice ___ in South-East Asia today. A. grow B. grew C. is grown D. growing 14. Five hundred people___ from their homes up to now. A. have evacuated B. have been evacuated C. were evacuating D. have been evacuating Tu cac de thi The flood victims___ with flood and clean water by the volunteers. A. provided B. were provided C. were providing D. provide Question 46: A new school for children ___ in this area next year. A. is built B. has been built C. is going to be built D. is going to build Question 62: The world’s first computer ___ by the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. A. were built B. built C. building D. was built Question 15: By the time we got home, dinner ___. A. was preparing B. had already been prepared C. had already prepared D. is prepared Question 44: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ___ by Shakespeare in 1605. A. wrote B. was written C. were written D. is written Question 12: A new primary school ___ in my village. A. has just been building B. has just been built C. has just built D. have just been built Question 4: A big shopping mall ___ in the city center next month. A. is going to build B. will build C. must build D. is going to be built Question 6: The picnic ___ because Peter has just had a traffic accident. A. will cancel B. will have cancelled C. will be cancelled D. will be cancelling
  3. Question 5: This machine ___ every time you use it. A. must clean B. must be cleaned C. must be cleaning D. must have cleaned Question 14: Five thousand pounds ___ in the robbery last night. A. steal B. was stolen C. stole D. were stolen Question 13: The application forms ___ before March 5th. A. must submit B. must be submitting C. must be submitted D. must have submitted Question 9: The headmaster has decided that three lecture halls ___ in our school next semester. A. will build B. will be built C. are being built D. will be building Question 14. A survey was ___ to study the effects of smoking on young adults. A. commented B. filled C. conducted D. carried Question 10. We were ___ by the spectacular scenery of the countryside. A. overwhelmed B. bewildered C. preoccupied D. overjoyed Question 21. A lot of research in medical science has been ___ to improve human health. A. made up B. carried out C. taken up D. given off 6. CAU BI DONG 1. This house ———————- in 1970 by my grandfather. a) Built b) Was built c) Was build d) Has built 2. The robbers ————————- by the police yesterday. a) Have arrested b) Have been arrested c) Were arrested d) Had arrested 12. The injured ___to the hospital in an ambulance. a) Were taking b) Was taking c) Were taken
  4. d) Have taken
  5. HOMEWORK D. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting. 1. When he arrived at the furniture shop, they had been sold the table he A B C wanted. D 2. The first May Day celebrated in England in 1890. A B C D 3. She presented reward for the return of her lost bracelet. A B C D 4. Most of them were build in the nineteenth century and some are very A B C D grand. 5. Many universities, school classes taught in English even though the A B C native language is not English. D 6. The Americans tend to be informal while they're being received A B C company or coming for a social engagement. D 7. He has given freely of his time by caring for the wounded during the A B C D Civil War. 8. Two prisoners were hang this morning by Taliban. A B C D 9. Daisy's ring is make of gold. A B C D 10. Hamlet was wrote by William Shakespeare. A B C D 11. English is studying by Henry every night. A B C D 12. More people are infecting with HIV this year than they were 5 years A B C D ago. 13. The meeting was be rearranged shortly before it had been due to take A B C D place. 14. Every possible effort were made by the orphanage to find the boy’s
  6. A B C D parents.
  7. 15. Cheques should only be accept with proof of identity. A B C D 16. Dent station is situated on the Seattle to Carlisle railway line, said be A B C the most scenic in the country. D 17. The last day of the holiday will ended in disaster. A B C D 18. Do not blame me if the tin-opener is break. A B C D 19. This class has canceled because too few students had registered A B C D before registration closed. 20. This building will have finished by the end of 2020. A B C D E. Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence given. 1. He broke my watch. A. My watch were broken. B. My watch be broken. C. My watch is broken. D. My watch was broken. 2. The teacher explained the rule to the student. A. The rule was explained to the student. B. The students were explained the rule. C. The students were explained the rules. D. A and B are correct 3. He often asks me to help him. A. He is often asked to help them. B. They are often asked to help me. C. I am often asked to help him. D. I am often asked him to help me. 4. His friends never forgave his betrayal. A. His betrayal were never forgiven by his friends. B. His betrayal was never forgiven by his friends. C. His betrayal was never forgave by his friends . D. His betrayal never forgave by his friends. 5. I am sure we’ll settle the matter easily. A. I’m sure the matter will settle easily. B. I’m sure the matter will be settled easily. C. I’m sure the matter will settled easily. D. I’m sure the matter won’t be settled easily.
  8. 6. We sent for the police. A. The police was sent for B. The police was sent. C. The police were sent for. D. The police was sent for us 7. They speak much about this book. A. This book is much spoken about. B. This book is much spoken. C. This book is much about spoken. D. This book are much spoken about. D. This book is much spoken about them. 8. Have they tested all the machines? A. Have all the machines be tested? B. Have all the machines been testing? C. Have all the machines been tested? D. Have all the machines been being testing? 9. Does he realize that they are laughing at him? A. Is he realized that he is laughing at? B. Is he realized that he is being laughed at? C. Does he realize that he is laughing at? D. Does he realize that he is being laughed at? 10. The manager offers me several jobs. A. I was offers several jobs. B. I am offered several jobs. C. Several jobs are offered to me. D. B and C are correct. 11. We found that they had cancelled the soccer match. A. We found that the soccer match had been cancelled. B. The soccer match had been cancelled. C. The soccer match was found that had been cancelled. D. The soccer match was found to have been cancelled by us. 12. “Did Shakespeare write this play?” A. Did this play be written by Shakespeare? B. Was this play written by Shakespeare? C. This play was written by Shakespeare. D. Did this play Shakespeare write? 13. Which book do the students love? A. Which book are done love by the students? B. Which book is the students loved? C. Which book are loved by the students? D. Which book is loved by the students? 14. How many slums are they going to clear? A. How many slums are being gone to clear? B. How many slums are being cleared?
  9. C. How many slums are going to clear? D. How many slums are going to be cleared? 15. Who wrote the report on the air pollution? A. By whom was the report on the air pollution written? B. Whom was the report written on the air pollution by? C. By whom was the report written on the air pollution? D. All are correct. 16. Who killed President John Kennedy? A. By whom President John Kennedy was killed? B. By whom was President John Kennedy killed? C. By whom was killed President John Kennedy? D. By whom killed President John Kennedy? 17. How many students are carrying the bookshelf? A. By how many students are the bookshelf being carried? B. By how many students is the bookshelf being carried? C. By how many students is the bookshelf been carrying? D. By how many students are the bookshelf be carrying? 18. People say that Mary is a good worker. A. Mary is said that she is a good worker. B. Mary is said to be a good worker. C. It is said to be a good worker. D. Mary is said that to be a good worker. 19. It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car. A. The man is believed to escaped in a stolen car. B. The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car. C. The man is believed to escaped in a stolen car. D. They believed that the man stole the car. 20. It was thought that the building had been destroyed. A. The building was thought had been destroyed. B. The building was thought to have been destroyed. C. The building thought to be destroyed. D. They have destroyed the building. C.
  10. 1. D 7. B 13. C 19. C 25. C 2. D 8. D 14. D 20. D 26. D 3. D 9. B 15. C 21. A 27. A 4. D 10. C 16. C 22. D 28. D 5. B 11. A 17. D 23. C 29. A 6. B 12. A 18. A 24. A 30. B D. 1. C 5. B 9. C 13. A 17. C 2. B 6. C 10. B 14. B 18. D 3. A 7. A 11. B 15. B 19. A 4. B 8. B 12. B 16. C 20. B E. 1. D 20. B 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. A D. This book is much spoken about them. 8. C 9. D 10. D 11. A 12. B 13. D 14. D 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. B 19. B