Bài tập ôn tập môn Tiếng anh - Tuần 8

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  1. UNIT 3 . Full name: ___ Exercise 1: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1. How many times (you/ be) to the cinema this month? 2. How many times (she/ go) to the cinema last month? 3. (you/ ever/ be) to Russia? 4. (you/ go) to Moscow when you were in Russia? 5. (he/ do) his homework yet? 6. No, he still (not/ finish) it. 7. (you/ play) football when you were younger? 8. (ever/ you/ play) baseball? 9. My life has been very sad because I(not/ ever/ be) in love. 10. How (spend/ you/ usually) your weekend when you (be) a child? Exercise 2: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1. Are you going to have a rest tonight? You look tired. You (read) so much. 2. (you/ play) that game yet? - No, I haven’t. I’m going to do it tonight 3. Jane (not/ talk) to me this week. 4. Would you like some more coffee? - No, thanks. I (already/ have) three cups. 5. The room looks so clean! - Thanks, I (just/ vacuum) in here. 6. How many times (you/ see) him today? 7. His joke (not come) offyesterday. Nobody (laugh) 8. I (buy) this car last week. It (cost) an arm and a leg! 9. I (not/ dance) since my childhood. 10.We (have) a lot of fun last summer. We (go) to Croatia by car and took a lot of photos. Exercise 3: Past Simple or Present Perfect: Give the correct form of the verbs. 1. I my Maths homework yesterday. (to do) 2. you to England by plane? (to go) 3. They a farm two weeks ago. (to visit) 4. Jenny and Peggy their brother. (not/to help) 5. The children at home last weekend. (not/to be) 6. When you this wonderful skirt? (to design) 7. My mother into the van. (not/to crash) 8. The boys the mudguards of their bicycles. (to take off) 9. you your aunt last week? (to phone) 10.He milk at school. (not/to drink) 11.The police two people early this morning. (to arrest) 12.My bicycle isn’t here. I think someone it. (just take) 13.Dan two tablets this year. (already/to buy) 14.How many games so far this season? (your team/to win) 15 the CN Tower when you in Toronto? (you/to visit - to stay)
  2. 16 your homework yet? - Yes, I it an hour ago. (you/to do - to finish) 17. There an accident in High Street, so we have to use King Street to get to your school. (to be) 18.I Peter since I last Tuesday. (not/to see - to arrive) 19.Frank his bike last May. So he it for 4 months. (to get - to have) 20.I’m sorry, I earlier, but I a lot lately. (not/to write - to work) Exercise 4: Write sentences using prompts. 1. Tuan/not/like/cook. 2. My brother/ like/ play/ table tennis. 3. Minh/ hate/ eat/ apples. 4. Ha/ dislike/ play/ the piano. 5. My parents/ really love/ garden. 6. you/fancy/dance? 7. I/ not/ fancy/ eat/ noodles. 8. My dad/ detest/ watch/ Korean films. 9. My mum/ adore/ ride/ her bike to work. 10.I/ enjoy/ talk/ to my friends in my free time. Exercise 5: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1. Mai (be) 12 years old next month. 2. She would like (have) a party in her house. 3. She (invite) some her friends in her party. 4. He (go) to English club every day. 5. We (play) soccer on weekends. 6. They (sit) in the library tomorrow. 7. Mai (do) her homework every day. 8. We (travel) to Hanoi tonight. 9. He (not come) here tomorrow. 10.Don’t worry! He (come) here soon.